About Object Mythology

Every object tells a story and builds character over time, that is Object Mythology.

--Karen Chien, Founder Object Mythology

Inspired by travel and adventure, the Object Mythology team brings you items with the highest quality in material and craftsmanship from around the globe.  We comb through the markets of Buenos Aires, Peru and Cambodia for one-of-a-kind treasures and we identify and build partnerships with highly skilled artisans groups in developing countries to execute our design vision and make a social impact. 

If you crave thoughtful design, celebrate special details, cultivate an authentic lifestyle of practical luxury and relish the thought of making a real difference with your purchase, you’ll love exploring our limited edition, private label fashion, home accessories and distinctive, vintage pieces.

About Karen Chien

Karen Chien has always had an eye for great design and impeccable style.  An interior designer by profession, she gained significant experience working with some of the most notable names in interior design and architecture in the United States prior to establishing her own company, Cheeky Living.  Karen’s hallmarks as an interior designer are timeless style and taste, reflected in her clean, simple, modern interiors incorporating vintage and classic pieces that imbue character and transcend trends.  She carries this ethos over to her private label, and accompanying online boutique, Object Mythology where she has taken her sense of adventure, eye for style and passion for social entrepreneurship and incorporated all three under one roof.

It was Karen’s first visit to South America in 2007, where she encountered alpacas, which became the inspiration for Object Mythology.  Motivated by her desire to make a positive social impact by creating jobs for women in rural Peru, she conceived and developed a selection of luxurious baby alpaca accessories and home furnishings for sale in the US, all made by local artisan knitters using skills that have been passed down through generations.  Since then, Object Mythology has expanded its reach as Karen discovers and curates singular finds from all around the world, including leather goods from Argentina, silk scarves made by landmine casualties in Cambodia and unique products and accessories discovered in markets and bazaars around the world.  The constant thread running through everything in the Object Mythology boutique is Karen’s commitment to timeless style, well-made goods and giving back through social entrepreneurship.